Course Details

Hole by Hole Course Description
Chelmsford Country Club is a short but narrow 9 hole golf course. It is fun and challenging for all skill levels. Here is a closer look at each hole, from a Golf Professional’s viewpoint.

Note: This golf course will grant you many opportunities to chase birdies. It plays relatively short and loves to be challenged because it usually wins. Playing as a par 33 gives you a small amount of shots to play with. Taking unnecessary gambles could penalize you dearly. The key to a low round is a strong short game and quality putting. I hope this review will interest you in visiting our course.


HOLE 1 – Par 4

241 Yards

Short hole which is reachable but has a small well-guarded green. An early birdie can get your round off to a good start, but an errant tee shot over the hill will waste valuable strokes.


HOLE 2 – Par 3

200 Yards

Plays longer than it measures. Green is slightly elevated with a turtleback contour. This makes it difficult to hold especially with a long iron or fairway metal. Three is a great score.

HOLE 3 – Par 3

144 Yards

This short par three plays to a well elevated green with a water hazard in front. Balls hit short may find themselves wet, while shots hit long are in jail.

HOLE 4 – Par 5

475 Yards

After driving your tee ball through a narrow shoot, this green is reachable in two good strokes. Our signature willow tree is your target and the shallow green is forty yards beyond it. Caution: the willow loves to grab balls and feed them to the water hazard.

HOLE 5 – Par 4

358 Yards

“What you see is not what you get”. This straight par 4 gives you room off the tee. The green is barely elevated and shallow. A low running shot is recommended into this deceptive green.

HOLE 6 – Par 3

124 Yards

This short hole was recently constructed in the last three years. There are bunkers in the front left and right. The green is very receptive to short irons. Long and right of the green are your only worries, over the stone wall is marked Out of Bounds.


HOLE 7 – Par 4

323 Yards

The golfer must decide what club to use off the tee. The key characteristic of this hole is the stream which splits its fairway 185 yards out. A long and straight drive can leave a short wedge into a small green. Be sure to guard against the lateral hazard which sits along the left side.


HOLE 8 – Par 4

420 yards

This is our personal favorite. This long dog-leg played as a par five until it was changed in 1999. It is rated as our number 1 handicap hole and greatly earns this respect. A well placed tee-shot of 230+ yards will get you past the corner, and leave you with a long iron onto the green. You are faced with a blind uphill approach into a tricky green. A bunker rests in the front left and balls hit right will filter down a hill below the green. Four is a great score!


HOLE 9 – Par 3

200 Yards

I hope the walk up the eighth fairway didn’t weaken your legs. We have one more good hole to play. This hole requires a solid and accurate tee ball. The green sits 15 yards past the crest of the hill. A perfect shot should land short of the green, which slopes away from the tee. Most good shots will trickle off the back. The right side and long are Out of Bounds, and be aware of the tree line on the left just waiting to snag those bail out shots! ┬áPar here is a great score to end your day.