Gary Burke, our Golf Professional and head golf coach at Lowell Catholic High School, has experience teaching all levels of golfers from beginner to highly competitive high school players. Gary can help you bring your game to the next level. Making minor adjustments to your swing can make a huge difference in your scores. On the range or on the course for a playing lesson, your approach to the game and how you handle different situations will be analyzed. He will work with you on how to better manage your golf game to lower your scores and make golf more enjoyable.

PrivateSingle LessonSeries of 3Series of 5
Jr. ½ Hour$35.00$95.00$140.00
Jr. 1 Hour$70.00$190.00$280.00
Adult ½ Hour$40.00$110.00$180.00
Adult 1 Hour$80.00$210.00$320.00
Semi-PrivateSingle LessonSeries of 4
Jr. 1 Hour$25.00/ea$80.00/ea
Adult 1 Hour$30.00/ea$100.00/ea
Playing LessonSingle Lesson
1 Hour$70.00

*Semi-Private lessons require a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6.

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