Inner Club

Inner Club

If you would like play in our Inner Club Tournaments, then our Inner Club membership might be of interest to you. For just $45, you’ll get a GHIN membership and you’ll be eligible to play in our 2017 Inner Club Tournaments. If you’re interested in signing on or would like additional information, please call the clubhouse or email:

Player Services: Members Now!

Beginning in 2015, the MGA introduced a new service that will help golfers connect with public, municipal and semi private facilities.

The MGA Members Now! Program was developed in response to the growing number of individuals who are looking to obtain an MGA/USGA GHIN number so that they can maintain handicap index but just don’t know how to do it and need some assistance connecting with our MGA Member Club base that spans across the state.

It is also an easy way to connect with our Member Clubs and immediately begin taking advantage of all of the benefits that are offered through the MGA (click here to learn more about MGA member benefits)

If you fall into any of the four categories, this program is perfect for you!

  1. You are a golfer looking to obtain a new GHIN #
  2. You have an inactive GHIN # but would like to reactivate your GHIN # with an MGA Member Club
  3. You have an active GHIN # but would like to add a new club to your golf network
  4. You currently have a GHIN # with a Members Now! participating club and would like to renew for the upcoming season

New Golfers – There are more than 84,000 Bay State golfers who currently have a handicap index with one of our 360+ MGA Member Clubs. However, we also know that there are thousands of others who either play golf without recording scores or who are interested in getting involved in the sport. Regardless of your playing background, the MGA Members Now! program will allow you to sign up for a GHIN # (and thus obtain a handicap index – click here for more info on why you should have one) with an MGA Member Club.

This new program will make it much easier for you to become a part of the MGA and take advantage of the many benefits associated with the MGA and our Member Club base.

If you are a new golfer who has never had a GHIN # before, you can select a club from a drop-down menu. Upon completion of the transaction, you will be assigned a GHIN # and you can start posting scores. Once you have posted five adjusted gross scores, the system will calculate your personal handicap index. You will also be able to immediately utilize your personal My MGA Home online portal, download the MGA Home mobile app, begin receiving your e-revision emails and much more!

If you have an inactive GHIN # or a GHIN # with a non-participating club (for instance, a private facility), you can easily expand your golf network by connecting your existing GHIN # with another Member Club. During the new golfer process, you simply need to find your account by inputting your name and email. Click on your account and then you will be able to find a new club in your area. Once the transaction has been completed, your GHIN # will be active at you current club and your new club.

Existing Golfers – If you currently have a GHIN # with an MGA Member Club that is participating in the MGA Members Now! program, you can now easily renew your GHIN# for the upcoming season via the MGA web site. In order to renew, you will have to be logged into your My MGA Home account. If your club is currently allowing renewals to be processed through the MGA Members Now! program, you will see a red “Renew” link next to the club under the “My Memberships” section.

CLICK HERE to get started!