Inner Club

Inner Club

If you would like play in our Inner Club Tournaments, then our Inner Club membership might be of interest to you. For just $50, you’ll get a GHIN membership and you’ll be eligible to play in our Inner Club Tournaments. If you’re interested in signing on or would like additional information, please call the clubhouse or email:


Since 2015, Mass Golf has offered golfers with an easy and online way to connect with public, municipal and semi private facilities.

Members Now! was developed in response to the growing number of individuals who are looking to obtain a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN number but just don’t know how to do it.

It is also an easy way to connect with our Member Clubs and immediately begin taking advantage of all of the benefits that are offered through Mass Golf (click here to learn more about our golfer benefits).

How to get started using Members Now!? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Click here to begin the process by selecting either New Membership (i.e you have never had a GHIN # before) or Renew Membership (i.e. you have an inactive GHIN #).

2) Set up an account (and make sure you aren’t in the system already).

3) Follow the simple steps to select a club to join, complete your transaction and then immediately begin enjoying your golfer benefits.

If you have any questions, contact Mike Wice at