Course Conditioning

Have you ever wondered how golf courses are kept up? Most courses have qualified Superintendents overseeing their grounds staff with an Assistant Superintendent to back them up and sometimes even a 2nd or 3rd Assistant on top of that! And then there’s a Foreman, Mechanic, Irrigation Specialist and Equipment Operators as well as the grounds staff itself. Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents have all had specialized courses in turfgrass management.

They have had to pass tests in order to qualify for pesticide licenses before they are allowed to apply anything to the grass on the course. These days, environmental awareness is uppermost in their minds and each one knows the proper application and the right allocation to avoid any damage to the surrounding environment. All of Sterling Golf’s Superintendents and Assistants belong to the National and New England Golf Course Superintendents Association and continue their education by enrolling in seminars to keep up to date with new developments in the industry. We take pride in their achievements and would like to pass along some of their knowledge. Here are the most recent contributions that you may find of interest.