Making our greens putt true.

One activity that golf courses undertake on greens is a process called “Verticutting”. This may also be called “Vertical Mowing”. Unlike regular greens mowing, where the blades are horizontal to the putting surface, verticut blades are vertical to the greens. What these blades do is very simple and very important to putting green quality. On each verticut reel are approximately two dozen blades. These are typically set to only slightly nick the turf. The blades then break up the stolons of the plant, allowing the plant to produce more leaves for a denser turf. Older, dying leaf material is pulled up, giving room for new leaves. Also, the effects of “grain” are reduced.

Occasionally, verticut blades are set lower when thatch removal is desired. When turf renovation is desired, such as when attempting to introduce new seed, verticut blades are set very deep. In conclusion, verticutting of greens is a time-tested practice that encourages plant growth, dense turf and smoother greens. If you have any questions about verticutting or any other maintenance topic, please contact your Golf Course Superintendent.