Maynard GC Quota League 2018

The Quota League this year welcomes members and non-members alike to nights full of golf, food and drinks. Our PGA Head Professional, Brad Durrin, can be reached at braddurrin@pga.com for more information or to sign up.

  • Starts: The week of April 30th play anytime Mon-Fri
  • Duration: 2 – 8 week sessions
  • Dues: $120 for the season
  • Greens Fees: $21 per week x 8 weeks $168 (must pay up front)
  • Format: Individual quota
  • Prizes: Paid out in cash at end of the year BBQ
  • Handicap: will be based on your quota points made each week. After you have 4 quota scores I will give you a quota handicap and after 5 scores it will be based upon the 3 best of your last 5 scores
  • Tee: Play will be off the White tees
  • Time: Tee off anytime Monday – Friday, if you have don’t have a group to play with just tell the pro shop what time you would like to play and we will get you in a group.
  • Preferred lies will be allowed in your own fairway only, you must play the ball down everywhere else. All putts must be made. NO GIMMIES
  • Turn scorecards into pro shop when done. Print 1st and last name on card. (LEGIBLY) and date the card.
  • Max score on any hole is Triple Bogey (-1 point) pick up after triple to speed up play. Double Bogey (0 points) Bogey (1 point) Par (2 points) Birdie (4 points) Eagle (8 points) Double Eagle (16 points)
  • 2 weeks max time to turn in missing weeks

Wednesday Senior Scrambles

  • Every Wednesday starting in May we have a Senior Scramble 9 hole tournament.
  • Shotgun start at noon.
  • Please arrive at 11:30 to sign in.
  • This is a great way to get out and meet new people and have a fun time golfing.
  • Kitchen and bar are open afterwards to have a bite and enjoy a beverage with your friends!


Rules of Play – Maynard Scrambles 2018

Here are the significant changes in play rules for the 2018 season:

  • The “Florida” scramble rule employed last season will NOT be used in 2018. That is, each player may hit every shot on his/her team from tee to cup on every hole.
  • Players of age 85 or higher will be allowed a 1-stroke advantage, to be applied to the team score for the event. However, 1-stroke is the maximum advantage for any team, regardless of the number of players 85 or higher on that team. That is, if a team has 2 or more players aged 85 or more, that team will be allowed a maximum of a 1-stroke advantage for the total team score. For example, if a team including 2 players aged 85 or higher finishes with a “regular” score of -1. The team score, adjusted for age, would then be -2.
  • Players who exhibit superior performance may be asked to hit from tees farther back than ones permitted for their particular age.
  • Women may hit from whichever tee they choose, including the red tees.
  • In an effort to promote fair and equitable play, the organizing committee reserves the right to periodically evaluate performance and scores and, as appropriate, assign/adjust handicaps as necessary.
  • Other than the above rules, the long-standing scramble rules will apply.