Public Leagues

League play is very popular at Newton Commonwealth. There are over a dozen public, private, and corporate leagues which meet to play and socialize on weekday afternoons. See the schedule below to find out when the course is closed for League play, and read on for descriptions and information on a few of our public leagues which anyone is welcome to join. If you are interested in setting up a league, please speak to Albie, or contact us at (617) 630-1971 or

4:15pm –
3:50pm –
3:50pm –
4:00pm –
Course Open

Men and Ladies League

Normally we have a bunch of snow and I can hope people are a little desperate to see a golf email but after todays weather it is looking to be a nice easy winter. Having said that this is the start of the league sign ups. Everyone on this list has the opportunity to sign up and keep their tee time from last year.

We are changing a few things up this year. There will be no credits issued for rain outs as we have done in the past. The first rain out will move the league off one week. Any additional rain outs (fingers crossed it doesn’t happen) each person will receive a rain check which can be used for a future round of golf. Example we have 2 rain outs the league is pushed off one week and then you are issued a $20 rain check. The $20 rain check can be used towards a credit for your next round. If the round costs more than the $20 you would just owe the difference.

Weather related cancellations. If the forecast is for possible showers the league will play and will only be canceled if the rain is unplayable. Drizzle is not unplayable. Downpour, thunder and lightning are unplayable. We will not cancel any league play if the weather is questionable with a 50% chance of weather.

Your tee time is yours till February 29th. As of March 1st all tee times are then open to the public. If you know you are not returning please let me know and I will take you off the league email list. Payments must be made by March 31st for the league. All payments made after March 31st should add an additional $25 to total. League cost is $365 (same as last year) and will cover 15 weeks of golf. League payments can be made at or you can mail a check made payable to Sterling Golf Management, 212 Kenrick Street, Newton MA 02458 sent to the attention of Albie Bargoot.

This year there will be no play for any leagues the week of 4th of July and only Monday will not play Memorial Day. League discount for play outside of the league will be $5 off for Non Resident 18 hole green fees and $3 off for Resident 18 hole green fee. There will be no discount off 9 hole green fees, early bird or twilight rates. Any questions please let us know.

Online Payments

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