2017 Memberships

Shattuck Golf Club memberships are available for the 2017 season with a 5% discount only until March 31st!   PLUS, all Shattuck Members will have a Dual Membership with Winchendon Golf Club, so you can play at Winchendon anytime during the same time frame as your membership allows.

You don’t have to join The Shattuck to play golf, but we hope you will consider calling us your “home” course. We have membership options available for all types of golfers, from beginners to experts.

Our Full Shattuck Membership comes with many benefits, which include the ability to make tee times 10 days in advance, ten percent all golf apparel purchases in our pro shop and discounts for Shattuck club tournaments and events, Inner Club GHIN and riding cart rentals.

Additionally, most members receive reciprocal golf play at the following Sterling Golf courses in 2016: Norwood Country Club, Newton Commonwealth, Maynard Golf Course, Chelmsford Country Club, Rockland Golf Course, Unicorn Golf Course and Stoneham Oaks (both in Stoneham, MA) and the Winchendon Golf Club.  To enjoy this golf privilege, just have the Pro Shop at The Shattuck call one of our other clubs to book a tee time for you.

For those who live more than 15 miles away, our Driver’s Club Membership is perfect for you.  Offering the same benefits as the Full Membership, this discounted rate applies only to those whose primary residence is at least 15 miles away as determined by Google Maps and does NOT apply to those with local vacation homes. (All membership applications are subject to approval and may be denied by Management.)

All memberships are valid from the time of purchase until December 31st, 2017. If any SGM golf course is open for play in January, February or March 2017, you will need to purchase a 2017 Membership to play under your membership. Members can book tee times seven days in advance, versus five for the general public.

To access The Shattuck Golf Club’s 2017 Membership Application for Full Shattuck Memberships or Driver’s Club Memberships, please click on the following link: 2017-membership-application

To purchase your Shattuck Golf Club Membership through our online store, click here.

Membership Types

Individual – $1,050   5% off = $995

Individual Memberships are for our committed crowd of golfers, who want to play without any restrictions. An Individual member can play unlimited golf seven days a week, sunup to sundown.

Family – $1,850   5% off = $1,755

The Family Membership gives you the chance to get your spouse into the game of golf! It allows unlimited play, seven days a week, for married couples living in the same household. Remember, a junior or student membership can be purchased in conjunction with a Family membership for an additional $100 for each.  All family members must be related and living in the same residence.

Sr. Citizen Individual – $850  5% off = 805

Senior Citizen Individual Membership has the same privileges as our individual membership: unlimited golf seven days a week, but we’ve applied a discount for our members 62 and older.

Sr. Citizen Family – $1,550  5% off = $1,470

The Senior Family Membership allows the same privileges as the Family membership (unlimited play, seven days a week, related family members living in the same residence) for the more experienced generation of players 62 and older, discounted appropriately.

Limited – Mon thru Thurs – $700   5% off = $665

Limited Memberships are for those who would rather not play on busy weekends and holidays.  This membership would also be good for anyone who plays in a league.

Young Adult – $700   5% off = $665

Young Adult Memberships are for 30 year olds and younger who are just starting out in life and probably paying off school loans.  These members can play unlimited golf seven days a week, as work allows.

Junior – $250

If your son or daughter is interested in learning to play the game, wants to golf competitively, or simply wants to hang out more with family and friends on the course, we recommend the Junior membership. The Shattuck Golf Club’s junior prices are some of the lowest in the area. Junior members get unlimited golf Monday through Friday, and after 3:00pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. The normal weekend greens fee will be charged for play before noon on weekends and Holidays. Juniors must be eighteen years or younger and this membership does not include reciprocal play at other SGM courses.

Student – $350

Student memberships are available to individuals ages 18 to 22 with a valid college ID card. Students can play unlimited golf Monday through Friday, and after 3:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. The normal weekend greens fee will be charged for play before noon on weekends and Holidays.  This membership does not include reciprocal play at other SGM courses.

Season Cart – Individual – $650 5% off = $615
Season Cart – Family – $950 5% off = $900

Allows unlimited use of a shared cart during play at The Shattuck. Carts are only available when the course is open for play, usually in early April through October 31st.  An “Individual” cart fee is sold with the expectation that the cart will be shared with another person who must also have a cart fee pass or must pay for 1/2 of the cart fee.  A Family cart is intended for Family Members only. You must be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart. Unlimited cart use is not transferable to other SGM courses.

Driver’s Club Individual – $1,000 discounted – $750 5% off = $710

Driver’s Club Membership benefits are the same as for Full Shattuck Members; however, you may not purchase this type of membership if you intend to use it as your primary membership at another SGM course.  To qualify for this discounted rate, your residence must be 15 miles away as determined by Google Maps and the offer does not apply to those with local vacation homes.

Driver’s Club Cart Mbrshp – $650 discounted- $450 5% off = $425

This is the same as the Full Member Cart Fee for individuals with the same restrictions, but for Driver’s Club members only.